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Introducing the BOLDEST of the BOLD: Fajita Burger

By September 11, 2014News

Like to be BOLD? Introducing our latest and greatest creation from AngusBrands: Fajita Burger.

Why is this burger the boldest of the bold? It’s all about the flavors. Sink your mouth into our special fajita seasoning hand-crafted and taste-tested to perfection in our own Angus kitchen. Plus, it’s not a Fajita Burger without fresh fire roasted onions and bell peppers.

Our burgers are the original hand-smashed, small batch, quality fresh ingredients, and so juicy you need a napkin (or two!).

You can also use our Fajita Burger in Tex-Mex inspired dishes, meatballs, sauces and meatloaf! What could be better?


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