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reuben sandwich

Corned Beef for the holidays? Yes, please!

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Outside is shut down, right? You did your due diligence and got your screens, furnace filters and smoke/carbon monoxide alarms changed. Getting a breather yet? Nope.

Thanksgiving weekend is looming. School and college breaks with hungry mind-stressed kids added with visiting ‘special dietary concerns’ family is headed your way. More laundry, your kitchen is crowded and possessed, the TV is constantly on, plus there’s no hot water in the shower. Everyone is swarming you with questions and antidotes. I’d suggest a spa vacation at Northern Quest Casino, but that’s probably not gonna happen. Bummer.

I know the traditional Thanksgiving dinner is a given (everybody loves their favorites), but what do you serve the rest of the time? Nachos? It’s the classic for sure. Mac-n-cheese? It’s the staple of the south with every meal. Little ones dive right in.

How about something really different? How about a Hot Reuben or a Hot Corned Beef Special? Get some freshly made hoagie buns and let them pile on our Angus Meats (of course!) Corned Beef with all the fixings’ you already know about. Our Angus Meats Corned Beef is amazing and hand-turned for 21-days. So tender, easy to cook, and slice. My son-in-law loves it for breakfast with eggs, but, he’s from the south.

Whatever savory delight your family enjoys this holiday season, our Angus Brands’ family wishes you a warm and Happy Thanksgiving!

– Leslie Stachecki




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March Madness Munchies

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Angus Brands is your team headquarters for mouthwatering game day food.

Coconut Chicken Skewers:  Quick prep comfort food that doesn’t break the scale or your wallet! No change needed for your favorite sides. With big flavor in a small bite, our skewers are an affordable luxury with endless profit potential.

Natural Ground Chuck Sliders:  Perfect for sit-down or take-out meals, our quick prep sliders pack a juicy punch. Versatile luxury with endless profit potential.

“Did you see the size of that Chicken?”  Why serve a drumette when you can serve the drum?!  Angus Brands Skins and Frenches, a Washington chicken leg leaving you with the largest chicken wing in town. Now that says “game day” grub.

To order, give us a call: 509-482-7033.

p.s. Go ‘Zags!

A salute to our drivers

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It’s been a long, long winter. In fact, recent news stated that this has been one of the most depressing in Spokane in decades. I can contest to that. It’s beginning of March and I’m still looking at over two feet of frozen snow and 2 inches of fresh in my front yard. We’re all ready for spring.

What it’s been like this ‘past’ winter, I can’t help but think of (and always worry about) our heroic drivers who faithfully deliver to our customers every week day regardless of the road conditions. Narrow back streets of downtown, hilly Southside, icy Northside, and even enduring the treacherous narrow roads up to our local mountain ski resorts.

We all brave the drives in the white, deep, frozen, and berm bedded streets, the recent flooding filling the crater-sized pot holes, dogging as best we can so as not to have a blow out or get side-centered. But, can you imagine doing all of that defensive driving in a truck four times the size of a normal car?

So, this month I want to salute our fearless men who get behind that wheel every day. Without them Angus Brands couldn’t live up to our service promise. Congratulations guys – you made it through another challenging season.

With all my heart, thank you.

Leslie Stachecki

Legacy of quality

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It’s February, the month of our founder’s birthday. George Stachecki, Tom’s father, will be 89 years old on the 10th. Hard to believe it’s been 45 years since George, with his wife Pat, began a legacy on a shoe string and a prayer that continues to thrive today. Having accepted a position at Allied Foods in 1972, he packed up his family of six from Detroit, Michigan and drove all the way to Spokane, only to find out, once settled, that the job no longer existed. What to do?

They took a gamble and just the two of them opened a small Detroit-style deli in the Whitworth College District specializing in only the best and always fresh high quality meats, unusual cheeses, and home-made sausages principled upon, “There’s No Substitute for Quality.” They named this little place, which quickly grew into one of the largest wholesale USDA regulated business in Spokane, ‘Angus Meats, Inc.’ Why that name? As George said, everybody knows Angus beef, and they’d be first in the phone book!

Over the years, it took many sacrifices and family compromises, but they embedded the purest meaning of the phrase ‘The American Way’ – that if you work hard enough, you can make your dreams come true and leave a profound legacy.

Written by Leslie Stachecki

George and Pat

Honoring our local heroes at our annual BBQ

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On Friday, July 8th Angus Brands served lunch to thank our local heroes: Spokane Police Department, Spokane Valley Police Department, Washington State Patrol, Spokane County Sheriffs and the Spokane County Fire Department were invited. They were served a complimentary cheese burger, chips and drink. We had a blast supporting our community heroes. Can’t wait for next year!

Corned Beef or Pastrami? We Say Both!

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Both pastrami and corned beef are cured meats, meaning that they have been injected or otherwise infused with a solution of salted water (brine). Corned beef gets its flavor from whatever spices or flavors that is put into the brine. Pastrami may have similar flavors in the brine, but then the maker of traditional US pastrami goes a step further by rubbing the outside of the meat with various seasonings. Lip-smacking tasty goodness for St. Patrick’s Day or any day of the year.

Angus Brands is proud to announce that our very own pastrami is ready for you to try! We start with our locally produced corned beef that has been in brine for 21 days, hand-turned each and everyday. The corned beef is pulled from the brine on the 22nd day and the outside is rubbed with a special blend of seasonings.

Now you get to add the finishing touch. Will you cook it, smoke it, or braise it? Either way you are guaranteed an absolutely delicious local product your customers will love.

Preparation tip:
Place pastrami spice side up on cooking rack
Add 12 oz. beer to baking pan
Cover tightly with aluminum foil
Bake 250 degrees for 5-hours
Slice thin at 90 degrees to muscle grain


Corned Beef or Pastrami? The answer is both!

For more information and samples please call 509-482-7033

Fight the fall frenzy with Savory Choices

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Are your customers feeling the back-to-school busy blues? (yes, that is a thing). From evening soccer practices to helping with homework – it can be a hassle to prepare a healthy meal for many families.

That’s where restaurant-quality Savory Choices handcrafted meals come in. Locally made with fresh ingredients, Savory Choices provides your customers a fine dining experience in the comfort of their own kitchen. Pre-seasoned with mouthwatering flavors, marinated and ready-to-go, it doesn’t get much easier.

 Try all of our timeless flavors:

  • Caribbean-style Short Ribs
  • Lemon Roma Chicken
  • Teriyaki Chicken
  • Kalbi Teriyaki Beef Steaks
  • Garlic Pepper Beef Strips
  • Green Chili Boneless Pork

To learn more about adding restaurant quality Savory Choices products to your store, contact us at 509-482-7033.

October is National Pork Month

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October brings bright fall colors and trick-or-treating, but the autumn month also celebrates an important U.S. commodity – pork.

National Pork Month began as a way to promote the product when the animals came to market. Today, the month also focuses on the nation’s hardworking pig farmers and the continued environmental efforts they make. A study conducted by clean energy development company, the Camco Group, shows U.S. pig farmers have nearly doubled production during the past 50 years, while cutting water usage by 41 percent and reducing their carbon footprint by 35 percent.

Source: Illinois Farm Bureau