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Bold Burgers

Who says grilling season is over?

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Written by Tom Stachecki

Some say the grilling season is just about over. When summer ends, the BBQ is retired until spring. But there are those (like myself) that feel there is no “end season to grilling.” Why miss out on perfectly grilled juicy burgers, steaks and just about anything else that brings forth that summer flavor all year round? Us die-hards just decide what we will be grilling next.

I’m already getting in the mood to sharpen up on my bratwurst grilling techniques again for Oktoberfest. Preparation is everything. I remember what I did last year, but the question is — what will I do different this year? There are so many fun options to try. I do like simmering our brats in St. Pauli Girl for starters, and then finishing them on the grill for the perfect brown grill marks. Just as the natural casings we use start to crack open and the juices begin to ooze, throw them on a perfectly toasted hoagie bun smothered with sautéed sweet onions. I do play around with mustards for some additional excitement. I also see in my future roasted garlic sausage for Seahawk Sunday football.

Until then, I say — “grill away.”