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A corned beef and cabbage kind of day

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In our opinion, it’s always a corned beef and cabbage kind of day! The official “Corned Beef and Cabbage Day” is March 17th, of course. You know it tastes good, but what exactly is it?

Corned beef corning refers to curing or pickling meat in seasoned brine. It refers to the “corns” or grains of kosher (or other coarse) salt that is mixed with water to make the brine. Typically, brisket is used to make corned beef.

Corned beef varies across regions with by its different seasonings. Did you know Irish immigrants adapted corned beef from their Jewish neighbors on New York’s Lower East Side as a cheaper alternative to Irish bacon? Another fun fact: smoking a corned beef, and adding extra spices, produces pastrami.

Just in time for your customers’ St. Patty’s Day feast, try our locally produced corned beef that has been in brine for 21 days, hand-turned each and everyday.

Try Angus Meats’ locally produced corned beef and pastrami! Call 509-482-7033 for a sample or to order.

Corned beef info adapted from The Nibble