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employee appreciation

It’s the little things

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As 2017 begins it’s time to give a little love and well deserved recognition to one of our members of the Angus Brands family, Suzie Hiatt. 

Suzie is responsible for making our wonderful gift and donation baskets in a most creative, conscientious way on an extremely tight budget. She has a wonderful talent for blending colors with seasonal items, and puts her total self into each individual project.

Suzie also took over the Christmas “ball” from me by making the office and company events even better. She redecorates the front office in a festive way, including having Christmas stockings made for each employee with their names on them. She puts them up on the entry bulletin board where our “Secret Santa” (started by Suzie) can place surprise gifts. She also works with Jeff in arrangingthe Company Christmas Party Pot Luck Breakfast. Her spirit brightens up our customers, and everyone here at Angus. When things get a bit frustrating, we can always count on Suzie to pep us up.

Thank you, Suzie, for all the ‘little’ extras you do!

– Leslie Stachecki