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Now featuring: Angus Meats Beef Bones with Marrow

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Selling like crazy, our 100% All-Beef Femur and Humorous Bones are vacuum packaged in small, medium, and large sizes delivered flash-frozen to a grocery store near you. You’ll find them in the frozen section in the Meat Departments of Yokes, Rosauers, Super 1, Harvest Foods, and Family Foods/Center Place Markets. If you don’t see them, ask for them!

Why are they so popular?

  • For culinary enthusiasts, these beef bones make for excellent over-the-top broths, soups, and stews. Roasting the marrow out of the bones with loads of garlic makes for a nice pâté on toast. Yum.
  • The best doggie treats around! Our bones help your dog’s gums and removes plaque off their teeth. This makes cleaning your dog’s teeth much less of a chore. Satisfying their natural urge to chew, bones keep a bored dog happy, busy, and more content. They love it!

*Safety Guidelines for Your Dog*

All-beef bones only! Vets agree that chicken and pork bones cause problems with splintering and bacteria which accumulate like concrete in a dog’s stomach. Some vets say the marrow needs to be completely cooked out because the marrow is mostly fat and the dogs don’t need those extra pounds.

To cook: Bake in a 350° oven sprinkled with garlic salt until most of the marrow is cooked away. Dogs love garlic and it’s better for them than smoked bones. Some vets say you can give your dog the bones right from the freezer because they love that cool sensation.

Be sure to select the right size of bone for your dog. Supervise your dog for possible choking, bleeding gums, or chipped teeth, and throw out the bone when it begins to fragment, or becomes small enough to swallow whole. Be easy on the treats too. To keep your dog healthy and weight managed, either less food and more treats, or less treats and more food.

*We encourage you to consult with your vet before introducing any new food items to their diet.*


    Beef marrow  



Curry’s Culinary Corner: To ham or not to ham?

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So why is Easter associated with ham in the first place? History tells us salted pork lasted through the winter and was ready to eat in spring before other fresh meats were available.   But perhaps you prefer lamb, another favorite Easter meal. Lamb is traditional because Jesus’ last supper was the Passover meal, and if Jesus ate meat during that meal, it would have been lamb.

So again I say unto you ham or not to ham? What’s your preference?

P.S. Don’t forget to add hot crossed buns to your Easter meal – a must this time of year! 🙂

Oktoberfest Special – preorder before October 1st!

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Pre-order our complete line of sausages and receive a .25 per pound discount if booked before October 1st.  To order, contact us at 509-482-7033.

Whether it’s Oktoberfest or simply part of a scrumptious fall meal, Angus Meats’ sausages are created from long-standing family recipes.

With creative innovation as our focus, we are sure you’ll love the variety of flavors in our sausages:

With its German-inspired blend of yellow & red mustard seeds and other fresh spices, it’s sure to be an Oktoberfest hit. Traditionally served with horseradish and sauerkraut or potato salad, (and of course a frothy beer), Angus Meats’ Nuernburg Sausage will bring the world’s largest party to your table.

An amazing mix of fresh roasted garlic, onions, fennel, rosemary, and chili peppers. Did we mention it’s outstanding with tomatoes?

Who can resist chorizo? A spicy blend for any palate, our chorizo sausage contains chiles, black pepper, and garlic to create the perfect mouthwatering combination.

Luigi’s Hot Italian:
Picture perfect blend of garlic, onion, sherry & peppers. Serve with your favorite veggies, pasta or pizza. Bon appetite!

Apple Cran:
A natural complement to fall, our spectacular arrangement of apples, cranberries, and maple syrup makes an ideal choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Special blend:
We’ve added a great breakfast mix of seasonings to this sausage including celery, peppers, onions and turmeric.

Cheddar Pepper Beer Brat:
Handcrafted with our Nuernburg Bratwurst and infused with Steam Plant Brewing Company’s Whitman’s Wheat Ale, fire roasted bell peppers, and creamy cheddar cheese, this brat is here to please.

Blue Cheese Beer Brat:
Old-world Nuernburg Bratwurst is infused with Steam Plant Brewing Company’s light, sweet and spicy Jalapeno Pepper Ale and savory blue cheese crumbles. Yum.

And of course for all our sausages there are no added preservatives, no BHT, and no BHA.

Start thinking Turducken!

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It’s only October, but holiday cooking is fast approaching and our easy-to-prepare Turducken should be on the top of your list.

Our semi-boned turkey is stuffed with a de-boned duck, and the duck is stuffed with a small de-boned chicken. The cavity of the chicken, duck, and turkey are stuffed with a special filling of seasoned Apple Wood Smoked Bacon, Angus Meat’s Special Blend Sausage, and mouthwatering Cornbread Mixture. Serves 25 people!

Handcrafted in our Angus Kitchens which means the freshest ingredients, maximum quality, and prompt delivery. Contact us for more information on how you can switch up your holiday meal!

March Madness snacks

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It’s time for March Madness – otherwise known as the Sweet 16, the Final Four, the Big Dance. Whatever you want to call it – we’re pretty sure your customers will want some tasty finger foods to grub on while they cheer for their favorite team.

We’d like to introduce you to our Bold Eat’s hand-crafted savory chicken wings and skewers. Typically offered at the restaurant-level, we’ve decided to offer these delicious treats to our retail customers.

To learn more or order, contact Jeff Curry at 509-482-7033

Lighting counts

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When looking for meat, are you particular about selecting meat that appears fresh and bright red in color? Well, you’re not alone. That’s why retailers are interested in learning more about how retail shelf life can be extended so meat retains the color that you favor.

Researchers at University of Missouri are learning more about how store lighting affects the quality of the meat you buy. Read more.

Spokane’s P&L Poultry merges with Angus Brands

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We are pleased to announce P&L Poultry of Spokane has merged with Angus Brands. With an extensive background in the poultry industry, Pat Lancaster founded P&L Poultry almost 20 years ago. Angus Brands looks forward to bringing Pat’s poultry expertise into the mix for future product developments.

“The merger should be a win-win for both P&L Poultry and Angus Brands. P&L Poultry gains a vastly expanded line of new, innovative Angus Brands products, while P&L Poultry brings Angus Brands 30 years of retail experience in the poultry business. We are both excited for the future potential.” – Pat Lancaster

Welcome to the Angus Brands family, Pat!


Celebrate Valentine’s Day with our Sweetheart Steak

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Nothing says “Valentine’s Day” like our Sweetheart Steak – where your favorite cut can be butterflied into a heart shape.   A 20-ounce boneless strip steak or boneless rib steak is the beef of choice. Are you licking your lips yet? You can ask your Angus Meats Sales Representative for your favorite type of beef: USDA Choice, Sterling Silver Brand Choice, or USDA Prime.

The question is: do you have to split the 20-ounce steak with your sweetheart, or do you each get your own? For the sake of love and happiness, order two? To order or for more information, contact us at 888-302-6487.





Are you ready for some (football) snacks?

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Super Bowl is on Sunday, February 1st. It’s time to plan for a convenient, tasty, and memorable snack that will please everyone.

Our ready-to-cook pre-seasoned San Antonio Chicken Fajita meat is the perfect solution for the 5-star quality your customers desire without having to waste their precious time.  They’ll sink their teeth into marinated chicken with colorful roasted peppers, and fresh onions in a sweet and tangy sauce. It’s as easy as sear-simmer-serve.

Get guests off the couch and create a fajita station with all the fixins (sour crème, flour tortillas, Monterey jack cheese, mushrooms, lettuce, and tomatoes)

San Antonio Chicken Fajita can be sold behind the counter, out of the freezer, or cooked and served from the deli case.