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Corned Beef or Pastrami? We Say Both!

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Both pastrami and corned beef are cured meats, meaning that they have been injected or otherwise infused with a solution of salted water (brine). Corned beef gets its flavor from whatever spices or flavors that is put into the brine. Pastrami may have similar flavors in the brine, but then the maker of traditional US pastrami goes a step further by rubbing the outside of the meat with various seasonings. Lip-smacking tasty goodness for St. Patrick’s Day or any day of the year.

Angus Brands is proud to announce that our very own pastrami is ready for you to try! We start with our locally produced corned beef that has been in brine for 21 days, hand-turned each and everyday. The corned beef is pulled from the brine on the 22nd day and the outside is rubbed with a special blend of seasonings.

Now you get to add the finishing touch. Will you cook it, smoke it, or braise it? Either way you are guaranteed an absolutely delicious local product your customers will love.

Preparation tip:
Place pastrami spice side up on cooking rack
Add 12 oz. beer to baking pan
Cover tightly with aluminum foil
Bake 250 degrees for 5-hours
Slice thin at 90 degrees to muscle grain


Corned Beef or Pastrami? The answer is both!

For more information and samples please call 509-482-7033

February 29th – National Surf & Turf Day

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Now, we must ask: Why would anyone make Surf &Turf Day fall on February 29th? Should we celebrate this tasty holiday only once every four years? Perhaps it’s put on Leap Day because of its ostentatiousness—it is, after all, a dish that combines the two most expensive dishes on the menu, lobster tail and filet mignon. We like it.

Of course, mankind has been combining meat and seafood in meals since the dawn of plenty. Fine dining establishments served both lobster and steak on the same plate in the last quarter of the 19th century. Diamond Jim Brady was just one of many gourmands whose table was laden with both beef and lobster. But the disk known as Surf and Turf (or Surf ‘n’ Turf, to be even more vulgar), is an American invention.

Not just for the 29th, consider Surf and Turf for a scrumptious Valentine’s Day dinner paired with a lovely bottle of wine.

Pick the right pair

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The candles are lit; soft music is playing in the background. The scene is set for the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. You’ve got a scrumptious dinner prepared. And then you remember the wine. Oh no! What wine goes best with a delicious New York strip? Does it really matter?

The answer is “yes.” We often forget that pairing the right wine can make or break a meal. Picking the correct wine to go with your protein can bring out the flavor in your food, as well as enhance the taste of your wine.

Read more about pairing beef with red wine. And remember, friends don’t let friends pair bad wine.

Angus Meats old fashioned corned beef with dijon glaze

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  • One 6-pound Angus Meats Corned Beef
  • Carrots & cabbage
  • Brown Sugar
  • Honey
  • 1 Can of Beer (optional)
  • Dijon Mustard

Place the raw corned beef with all the spices from the package into a large pot. Add hot water so that the corned beef is completely covered. Add beer (optional), and cover. Bring water to a “rolling” simmer (almost a boil) and cook for 2.5 to 3 hours. Remove the corned beef from pot making sure that all the spices have been removed. (They gave all they had to give!)

Add quartered cabbage wedges and carrots to the water and boil until just tender. Place the meat on a broiler pan. Diamond – score the meaty side of the corned beef about 1 to 1.5 inches apart and ¼” deep. Prepare the Dijon Glaze.

Mix to taste: the brown sugar, Dijon mustard, and a little honey. The Dijon mustard is the key to this glaze mix. Liberally smooth the glaze over the top of the meaty side of the corned beef.

Turn broiler on to finish the corned beef in the oven. Carefully watch the corned beef as the glaze begins to bubble. Just as it starts to turn a dark brown in the lower areas of the corned beef, it’s ready to come out. Let the corned beef rest a few minutes before slicing.

Thinly slice the corned beef and serve with the cabbage and carrots, or make a hot corned beef sandwich on mixed grain rye bread.

Our Corned Beef is great cold too! Make a Ruben and Sauerkraut sandwich, or serve thin slices with your favorite crackers, Swiss cheese and sweet hot mustard. Doesn’t get much better than this.

A new way to order (and it’s easy!)

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new online ordering portal!

With all our exciting product lines, Angus Brands is the one-stop shop for all things meat and innovative recipe blends. Our new site features a fresh look, easy navigation, and an optimized ordering system.

  • User-friendly with simple account access
  • Easy account sign-up
  • Mobile and table friendly
  • Account history with easy reordering
  • Full menu of searchable products

To sign up for an account, click “Request an Account.” Current account holders use your regular login.

Any questions? Contact us at 509-482-7033.

Angus Brands Wins URM Award

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On March 12, 2013, Angus Brands was awarded the prestigious URM Food Service award. As the 2012 Vendor Company of the year, Angus Brands showed its dedication to quality: not only in the products they provide, but also the relationships they build. Angus Brands is committed to building strong, lasting relationships with vendors, clients, and friends.  And it because of this dedication to quality relationships that they won the award.

By winning the award, they only further proved their dedication to innovation and obsession with quality and service. Angus Brands has superior dedication and outstanding service to URM’s sales consultants, cash and carry stores, and customers. And it is this dedication and service that it only continues to improve upon as it continues to grow. Here’s to another great year of quality, dedication, and service!