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If you haven’t already noticed, somethin’ different is a brewing at your local grocer and favorite restaurant. It’s a little bit sweet, a little bit spicy, and a whole lotta’ global.

We’re talking about the rise of international inspirations intertwined into our foods. Population shifts towards America becoming an even more ethnically diverse nation plus exposure from social media is making the world a smaller place.

The result is a trend towards more exotic tastes and spicier bites. From curry potato chips to Siracha-doused everything, from hummus (in lieu of mayo) to kimchi-flavored beef jerky, and of course our very own Angus Brands flavor-forward selections — nothing’s off the table.

What are some new flavor combinations that you have tried? Anything crazy? We’d love to hear it!

And while we have your attention – take a gander at our infographic we created with more trends we’re seeing this year.